Portfolio of Wedding Photos

The photographer’s selection of wedding photos, from the make-up moments to the end of the wedding night.

For reasons of rights and discretion, I mainly show wedding pictures of the bride and groom.


These are moments of the wedding that one really wants to have captured on pictures.
Indeed, bride and groom cannot see each other getting prepared and consequently, these add that special touch in an album full of wedding photos.
Indeed, the bride getting her hair and her make-up done, having her wedding dress put on, getting her make-up, all this makes for beautiful wedding pictures.
And let us not forget the groom getting ready, having a shave and maybe having fun with his mates and/or guests…
These are all moments so specific and intrinsic to the wedding day that you do not want to miss having.


Porfolio of wedding pictures in Paris, taken in landmark places such as the Louvre, the Louvre’s Pyramid, the Champs-Elysées, Concord obelisk, Montmartre, Parisian Cafes and streets.
As well as wedding photography in chateaux and in the Lake Annecy region of France with its pretty lake side, pontoons…


A selection of wedding photographs taken in places of cult.
Whether with a wedding officiant, in a church, abbey, monastery or synagogue, the moment is… cult.


A selection of wedding photographs taken at wedding dinners and parties, sometimes in unusual places such as a péniche (boat) on the Seine in Paris, Annecy or Talloires, France.
These are moments of joy, laughter, surprises where everyone gets together around some drink and good food.
Festive moments full of colour, showing all the formal instances of a wedding such as the Piece Montee and the start or a dance.
Photos that show the bucolic happiness of the wedding.
An ideal way to finish a pretty wedding album.