With a simple 4 word question

Will you marry me? - Exchange of wedding rings

With a simple 4 word question, “Will you marry me?”, and that wonderful one word answer, “Yes”, your world has changed forever.

The announcement of your engagement tells the world this is the my ‘forever’ person.

And then the fun of planning your wedding begins – fittings, invitations, guest list, photographer, cars, caterers – the list is sometimes daunting and stressful.  You wonder how you will find time to get everything done before your “I DO” day.

Marriage today is a pledge to unite your life with your special someone, made solely from the heart.

But that has not always been the case in Europe. In the Middle Ages, for a staggering 10 Centuries, a marriage was a serious arrangement between two families, often without consent of the bride and groom.  It was an affair of ‘business’.  An exchange of rings and a simple kiss were given at the engagement to seal the business deal!   The arrangements to transfer property and money were often a complicated and lengthy process, resulting in the marriage taking place many years after the engagement.

21st Century European customs now allow us the freedom and absolute joy of choosing our forever person.  When you are in the middle of your seemingly endless “I Do” day wedding planning, schedule in some quiet time for just you and your Partner to savour this unique and extraordinary time of your lives. Reflect and appreciate how blessed you are to have the freedom to choose a life together.

‘Love’ is always the answer.  What was the question?


Article written by Charlotte Lynn-Holyoak, milliner, designer and friend.