About the extraordinary (and sensitive) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 1)

The wedding photographer camera Nikon D5 -Part-1

One of the most brilliant advantages of working with the Nikon D5 camera is its sensitivity.
Something highly useful for a wedding photographer Paris.

Just as the wedding photographer has to solicit his sensitivity to acquire emotional, moving photographs, the photographer also needs top end sensitivity from his camera.

Of course, we are talking here about digital sensitivity or – what is better known as…ISO (and not about the capacity for a camera to blush when the bride and groom are kissing each other on the lips ;-).

Most cameras (even those on a smartphone) have an exploitable ISO range that goes from 200 to 1600. At 200 ISO (low sensitivity), lots of light will be needed on the subject to capture a photo and, conversely, at 1600 ISO (high sensitivity) little light will be needed to photograph the subject successfully.

Let me just tease you (to make sure you to read this article right to the end ;-): the Nikon D5’s ISO range goes from 100 ISO to… an eye-popping 102400 ISO!


The higher one sets the camera’s sensitivity, the more noise one will get on the image (ouch!). That means, in more common terms, that a picture will be more and more speckled as the sensitivity is raised.

Ok. So you are asking yourself: “How high can the NIKON D5 decently go in its sensitivity”? Well, the answer is that with my camera, I can get pictures of weddings that are perfectly professional with a sensitivity at a whopping high… 32000 ISO!

That means I can capture movement in low light very easily and with tremendous precision without the need of a flash.
Church weddings, dance floor ambiance, poorly lit days and many other low light situations will not stop me from getting pristine photos with authentic colours reflecting the moment’s mood (since no flash is needed).

The D5, Nikon’s top of the range, Rolls-Royce of cameras has a lot more goodies to offer the professional wedding photographer.
This is only Part 1.

(To be followed)