Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs

Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs

Honestly: I adore sensuous and sensual wedding photographs.

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About the extraordinary (and safe) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 2)

Appareil photo du photographe de mariage - le Nikon D5 - episode-2

Have you ever heard of data loss? Or of someone that lost all the lovely digital photographs taken during a holiday? Or even of a wedding photographer Paris who lost all the pictures taken at the wedding?

Well, I have. (And no, the inglorious wedding photographer was not me! ;-)

When this kind of thing occurs… Read more

About the extraordinary (and sensitive) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 1)

The wedding photographer camera Nikon D5 -Part-1

One of the most brilliant advantages of working with the Nikon D5 camera is its sensitivity.
Something highly useful for a wedding photographer Paris.

Just as the wedding photographer has to solicit his sensitivity to acquire emotional, moving photographs, the photographer also needs top end sensitivity from his camera.

Of course, we are talking here about digital sensitivity or – what is better known as… Read more

Your wedding photos: jpeg or raw?

Wedding cake illustrating article on jpeg or raw images

As a wedding photographer, I sometimes get asked whether I shoot in JPEG or RAW.
And in which format do I deliver the images.

Some of you may not be familiar with these extensions, so let me explain (very briefly) the differences between the two.
This will help you understand better in which format I deliver my wedding photographs.

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