7 Wedding Photographers in Paris chosen by Expatriates Magazine

Article on - Haig Tcherkezian Wedding Photographer in Paris - in Expatriates Magazine

Expatriates Magazine kindly chose me as one of their 7 favourite (and – dixit – extremely friendly ; -) wedding photographer.
And consequently decided to publish an article. See below.

Furthermore, Expatriates Magazine has decided to set a vote… for Best Photographer (Weddings) in Paris 2018. If any readers here have voted for me, please have my heartfelt Thanks as I was voted Best Wedding Photographer in Paris (humble smile of joy).

Paris, renowned to be the romantic capital, has indeed, lots of lovely places to offer for wedding photography. Nevertheless, it is always an exciting challenge for the fine art photographer to find the ideal spots to background the couples in love. All this said…  If Paris is the reference city as far as romanticism is concerned, many other cities in France offer spectacularly beautiful surroundings for couples coming from abroad. One place that I cherish most particularly, is Annecy and its beautiful lake. This is certainly one place I would certainly encourage you to check, if you are unaware of its existence. smiles expatriates magazine cover issue 43 7 wedding photographers in paris expatriates magazine