Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs

Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs

Honestly: I adore sensuous and sensual wedding photographs.

Why would I not?

Sensuous wedding photographs are images that call the subject’s senses or emotions, instead of his intellect.

Weddings are full of emotions, be they in Paris, Venice or Buenos Aires (these cities rock and rhyme ; -). Irrelevant of where it takes place geographically, emotions are plentiful. It is irrelevant of culture too.

Some might not want to show their emotions overtly, some might be prude at showing their happiness but emotions are there. It is intrinsically human and the wedding photographer’s job is to convey these emotions on images, however subtle the task might be.

In the same vein of what is sensuous, we have sensuality.

Sensual wedding photographs go more towards depicting images that are physically pleasing (this is not exclusively sexual).

As I have mentioned, it is obvious that weddings are charged with emotions (you can almost touch the love, joy and happiness present) but the attraction of the bride and groom to each other, the desire between them, the wish to please, be beautiful in every sense (!) are also a quintessential part of the moment…
However… sensuality in weddings is seldom photographed. Oh sure, we (sometimes) get the few kissing on the lips but as far as desire is concerned, I find it rarely goes any further than that.

I personally find this a shame.
I love encouraging bride and groom to be photographed in a more intimate way.
Moments such as when the bride gets ready to put her wedding gown on, when the groom gets shaved or knots his tie – so very suave – or moments when the married couple enjoy times of (photographic) intimacy in their Parisian hotel suite or the Château’s hall…
These are sensual moments well worth capturing, as they will trigger enormous amounts of joy to the married couple, during, soon after and years after the wedding.


The article ‘Sensuous and sensual wedding photographs’ has been written by Haig Tcherkezian.