About the extraordinary (and safe) Nikon D5 camera I use. (Part 2)

Appareil photo du photographe de mariage - le Nikon D5 - episode-2

Have you ever heard of data loss? Or of someone that lost all the lovely digital photographs taken during a holiday? Or even of a wedding photographer Paris who lost all the pictures taken at the wedding?

Well, I have. (And no, the inglorious wedding photographer was not me! ;-)

When this kind of thing occurs… it generally happens and comes as a complete surprise. The frustration of having all your memories disappear without any way of recovery is an experience, you promise yourself, will never happen again.


So what does one do to prevent or minimise data loss, or in our case, the loss of images? Well, one backs up data so as to have more than one copy.

But how does a professional photographer make sure none of his photographs ever get lost whilst shooting the wedding? Imagine if the memory card in his camera goes faulty and none of the recorded wedding photographs can be viewed?

This is an experience he cannot afford to live. Not once!

Well, the Nikon D5 is safer than most other cameras, when it comes to storing images.


Simple: it records the images twice; each image is recorded on 2 distinct XQD memory cards (the most modern, up to date memory card there is today) present in the camera.

If one memory card goes bust, the second will be the photographer’s lifesaver. (There is little if no risk that both memory cards give up at the same time.)

That is why the Nikon D5 can be considered a safe camera: it takes a photograph and backs up a copy automatically on a physically different memory card each and every time the shutter button is pressed.

Do I hear a sigh of relief?

Or are you asking yourself, in a very dramatic, baritone voice: “And what if the camera fails?”
Let me whisper it to you. “I have another Nikon camera ready to go. Always.”